DAVdroid 1.9 Release Notes

  • developer

    DAVdroid 1.9

    • a lot of internal reworking to make DAVdroid ready for the upcoming Managed DAVdroid release
    • theme and launcher icon update
    • CalDAV: allow email reminders for events, too
    • CalDAV: ical4j library update
    • various bug fixes and improvements


  • developer

    Version 1.9.1

    • prevent multiple syncs to be run at the same time for the same account and authority (hopefully fixes duplicate entries – if you have duplicate entries, please uninstall DAVdroid and try with 1.9.1 again)
    • better handling of contact group method change (now resets contacts when method is changed; doesn't change method automatically)
    • events: support ACCESS_CONFIDENTIAL (read more; we don't know a calendar app which supports that yet, but we will contact calendar app developers)
    • improve resource detection
    • minor bug fixes and optimizations

  • developer

    Version 1.9.2

  • developer

    Version 1.9.3

    • improved custom certificate support
    • raise API level to 19 (Android 4.4); Objects required by ical4j
    • various minor improvements and bug fixes (including fixed crashes on Android 4.x)

    If you need DAVdroid for an older Android version, we recommend to use the F-Droid Archive. The latest formally compatible versions may not work – in this case, you can go back until you find a working version. If ever possible, updating your Android version using a Custom ROM is much better than using old app versions (just think about TLS ciphers which are not supported by old Android versions yet, WiFi/BT vulnerabilities etc.).

  • developer

    Version 1.9.4

    • allow to force read-only ("one-way") sync for collections
    • ask for required permissions when DAVdroid account acitivity is opened
    • library and translation updates


  • developer

    Version 1.9.5

    • pass title and color of Webcal calendars to ICSdroid
    • minor bug fixes and improvements


  • developer

    Version 1.9.6

    Target Android 8.1:

    • set up notification channels
    • don't rely on implicit broadcast to detect tasks app installation


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