• i’m using mostly shared calendars, so it would be nice to have an option to enable notifications about synced items. maybe even in a configurable verbosity e.g.:

    1. summary: added 3 items, deleted 1 item, modified 1 item
    2. detail:
    • added: vacation from 2017-10-31 till 2017-11-05, meeting with $person on 2017-11-06, birthday of $person on 2017-12-12
    • deleted: BBQ on 2017-10-15
    • modified: party on 2017-10-13

    so you know that/when other people modify the shared calendar.
    i’m not sure if it’s possible to detect which item a user clicked on in the notification, but there could be an action opening the clicked event in calendar. or just the first one.

  • @pille I think this would be usefull.

  • admin

    @markus-kramer This is already part of our official roadmap. It will come to DAVx5 in a more basic form but probably not via a notification. But no ETA yet.

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