Can't valide source when Chinese characters in the event title

  • I was stuck with not being able to synchronize the iCal calendar, everything started working after I removed from the calendar an event with Chinese characters in its name.

    Because I might have more events with Chinese characters in it in the future, I’d like to request a fix on that. I can forward the email with the original calendar invite if that will help.

  • admin

    Please forward it to referring to this thread. We’ll have a look at it. Normally (if the encoding is correct) every letter should work and not cause any problems.

  • developer

    Which character set does the resource use? Is it accessible publicly so that we can have a look?

  • Sorry for the delay, it turns out the calendar invite also includes the whole email exchange in the message section, and unfortunately as it’s confidential information I’m not able to share it.

    I’m not sure if the invite itself, with the stripped information from the message would be of any help?

    Also, if that will be any help, I’m using the latest version of Axigen mail server

  • developer

    No, the invite itself won’t help. We would need the data of the iCalendar feed, including HTTP headers (which may specify the character set).

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