Connecting to Nextcloud only produces 401's


I'm trying to sync with my personal Nexctcloud 12.0.3 install (on a remote server). Nextcloud and all relevant modules (Calendar, Contacts) are up to date, debug info from DAVdroid is here.

I enter URL, username and password in the DAVdroid setup screen, then click on "connect". After that, the "retrieving server information window/animation pops up and never dissapears. I don't get an error message either.

The relevant parts from my server's weblog (everything containing the string "davdroid") can be found here. (ignore the lines containing wrong URLs, I was fooling around to see if anything changed). Notice all the 401 status codes in there...

I am sure the password I'm using is correct - since it's a complicated one, I even changed it to a simple English word to make sure I didn't have a typo. Also, aCalDAV works fine for syncing on the same phone with the same Nextcloud setup, so it can't be a password problem.

I also tried accessing the server HTTP instead of HTTPS, same result.

I tried to enable logging to disk and I do get a notification that DAVdroid is about to write a log file to external storage, but the mentioned file never gets created. Could be a problem with my setup, no idea.

Does anybody have any ideas what I could try to solve this?


Nextcloud has some kind of flood protection - if the pw was entered wrong for a few times, it does not accept requests for a period of time (minutes I guess).

Another thing : Did you enable app specific passwords and two step verification? If yes, you need this password to login and not the one you use to login to Nextcloud!

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I was going to reply that this is unlikely, since I had tried on several different days with many hours inbeetween tests - but when I tried again just now, it worked fine.

Thanks for the feedback 😉 Need to look up Nextcloud flood protection, I guess. Stupid mistake on my part.

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