caldav sync with google doesnt work anymore

  • Hi everbody, having this problem a couple of weeks already and hoped the latest update would solve it. But also with 1.8.1 i can not sync my Google caldav any more.

    I am using 2fa, so I created an app password for caldav syncing.

    Attached my debug.txt file.

    Any ideas how I can solve this?




  • What's the problem?

  • the problem is that caldav sync with google doesnt work anymore. See the debug file for details.

    Unfortunatly there is no further error message (except for the notification "caldav sync connection error"). Carddav sync works fine in the same account.

  • Same problem for me with f-droid based davdroid. The URL*My_Google_Username*/events/
    works in a browser from the same phone. The log does not make it clear which URL is actually failing. I can also create a new account with that URL and it detects my address book and calendar correctly. It only fails once I actually try to sync.

  • admin

    Google now requires OAuth as it seems, and we don't support OAuth in DAVdroid. No other service/server ever needed it...