• I use davDroid to sync tasks in my phone with nextcloud

    When i have subtasks in the android tasks app they are transferred to nextcloud as comments
    like this

    Autorização LNEC

    Certificado PhD

    Registo criminal

    Cópia cc

    Segurança social voluntária




    Since nextcloud tasks app also have the ability to do sub-tasks, i was expecting to see those sub-tasks (that are in my phone) also as subtasks in nextcloud.

    It seems like a limitation from DAVDroid

    It’s possible to overcome this!

  • developer

    @ricardos It’s a limitation of the OpenTasks app (+ provider).

    Is there a specific problem with the current implementation? Maybe you can submit a patch for OpenTasks.

  • the problem is that i can’t do changes in subtasks in the nextcloud tasks app. All changes i do there in the comments section will not be synced with the phone tasks app

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