using caldav for syncing other programs?

  • Hi there,

    since last time I wrote, I’m really annoyed, that I can’t synchronize/manage Firefox’s favorites on my mobile.
    I found XMarks addon for Firefox for Desktop but theres no equivalent for Android, which is able to make use of a self-chosen server.

    My idea: make CALDAV (or a new app) a universal sync-APP using the WEBDAV protocol (if possible).
    First stage: for chosen programs (e.g. browser, email) being able, to bring user data/profiles to a WEBDAV folder of choice, being managed or altered by desktop program, then applied to mobile device.
    Second stage: universal use for individual choosen files/folders/data/profiles.

    Is this a possible and realistic wish? 😉

    Kind regards,

  • admin

    @herz_ag yes, thats possible with WebDAV I think. We’ve had a generalized WebDAV sync app in mind but right now we’re focusing on CalDAV/CardDAV (It is based on WebDAV but still very different). So it will not come in the near future 🙂 Nevertheless the idea of such an app was in our minds for long time. So if not somebody else is making it maybe it will be a new app developed.

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