ZohoMail synchronization - SPLIT Android PhoneBook and Thunderbird AddressBook

  • Hi everyone,

    i used 3rd party Thunderbird add-on to synchronize my AddressBook with Zoho Contacts and it works fine.
    I want to use DavDroid app to synchronize my Android PhoneBook with Zoho Contacts as well.
    However, Zoho support informed me that all the contacts from Android/Thunderbird will be JOINED in Zoho Contacts area, i.e. when i will synchronize my Android device’s phonebook i will see my Thunderbird contacts in my PhoneBook as well.
    They explained this with the fact that CardDav by itself does NOT support categories - otherwize i could have assigned say “Phone” category to all my PhoneBook contacts and setup my Android PhoneBook in a manner that it shows me ONLY contacts from this category, which will be a pretty easy solution of my problem.
    If what Zoho said of CardDav limitation in categories, is true - is there any way to solve my problem from a DavDroid side somehow?
    Thank you all for your kindest support!

  • Doesn’t anyone have any ideas? 😞 I am migrating from Google services and AddressBook / Phonebook synchronization is the only headache left - the rest i’ve managed to replace with Google alternatives.

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