DAVdroid 1.8 Release Notes


With DAVdroid 1.8, it's now possible to subscribe to/unsubscribe from CalDAV-advertised Webcal feeds ("subscribed calendars") by integrating ICSdroid.

ICSdroid is a separate app for synchronizing Webcal feeds and can now be used together with DAVdroid (but also as a standalone app).

Version 1.8

  • CalDAV: enumerate Webcal feeds (subscribed calendars)
  • Webcal feeds: integrate with ICSdroid (or other Webcal apps) – you can now subscribe to and unsubscribe from CalDAV-propagated Webcal feeds over ICSdroid directly from DAVdroid
  • sync intervals: remove 5 min and 10 min (not allowed in recent Android versions anymore for battery saving reasons), added 30 min
  • minor bug fixes and optimizations


Temporal relations are not necessarily causal relations.


New in 1.8.1:

Better support for read-only address books:

  • discard local changes on read-only address books when syncing
  • show a notification when local changes are discarded
  • show warning when read-only address book is selected for sync in the DAVdroid account


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