Posteo to Android 5.1.1 does not sync event reminders

  • I created a new event in Posteo’s calendar, and set the reminder to 5 minutes before this event begins. Then I saved the event values, and re-opened the editor to check that the values I’ve set are still there, and closed the event editor again.

    Then on android (Lollipop) I open DAVdroid and chose my posteo account, and click on the synchronizing button. As a result the newly created event is importet into android’s native calendar.

    Now I check that event in android’s calendar by tapping on it. What is see, is “Reminders: None” and when tapping on the “editing” button, and scrolling in android’s native event editor down and tapping on “more”, I see “Reminders: On time”

    I must also say, that in DAVdroid for my posteo account I did not take this “Root URL”: but I took this
    “Home URL”:
    I guess, there is a typo somewhere.

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    Just tried it. You’re right, the alarm is not shown in the default calendar app’s event overview because Posteo sets alarm type EMAIL:

    !!! ACTION:EMAIL !!!

    So DAVdroid inserts an alarm with METHOD_EMAIL, which seems not to be shown in the event overview by some calendar apps, probably because it shouldn’t bring up an alert anyway.

    However, in Android 7’s Google calendar app (which I have used for testing now), you can view/edit/delete the alarm when you open the event details. It’s just not shown in the overview.

    So, you can either

    1. use another alarm type (for instance, set the alarm with DAVdroid or another CalDAV client, or Posteo could implement that),
    2. or open event details and edit the reminder there,
    3. or you find a calendar app which allows to view/edit email alarms.

    By the way, thanks to your report I just found that DAVdroid imported the Posteo alarms with an incorrect time (0 hours before the event instead of 1 hour before the event) because it had neglected the seconds. Should be fixed with ical4android/99ef17e1.

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