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    What’s new in ICSdroid 1.4?

    We have overhauled and rewritten ICSdroid to make it ready for the latest Android versions and to improve integration with other apps. (For the future, integration with DAVdroid is planned so that you can subscribe to CalDAV-advertised Webcal feeds with ICSdroid directly from DAVdroid.)

    • support Android 6 permission model (calendar permission for synchronizing events, external storage permission only when accessing local iCalendar files)
    • Android 6/7/8 battery saving: show when sync interval is less than a day so that users can opt out from battery optimization (which significantly reduces sync intervals)
    • Material design improvements, new adaptive launcher icon (ready for Android 8 Oreo)
    • improved intent filters – now handling
      • (file|http|https)://*.ics URIs
      • file:, http:// and https:// URIs for text/calendar data
      • webcal:// and webcals:// URLs
    • moved user name/password of calendar subscriptions from Calendar provider sync column to app-private file (and disallow automatic backup so that passwords won’t be stored on Google backup servers)
    • use cert4android (the custom certificate library created for DAVdroid) instead of MemorizingTrustManager
    • library updates
    • completely rewritten in Kotlin


    The new launcher icon:

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    Version 1.4.1

    hotfix for self-signed/custom certificates

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    Version 1.4.2

    minor bug fixes and optimizations

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    Version 1.4.3

    • small bug fix (threading problem)

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