• I have already installed the Ubuntu driver for 14.04 version. And running sudo /.networktablet. But I cannot connect my android to this. what should I do?

  • try ‘ifconfig’ in terminal and find your ip adress of your computer under wlan0 network adapter. Then fill the Setteing in the android with that Ip. Open Gimp go to Network tablet set Mode to Screen create a new project and your done. As for Ip see that issue…a possible update to automatically see your host Ip. Comment like me if you want to conclude that update in future update.
    Issue #82

  • developer

    1. Verify that the host name or IP address in GfxTablet is set correctly (the new GfxTablet version will tell you the IP address in a short pop-up when the canvas gets active)
    2. Check the network traffic with tcpdump or Wireshark.

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