Support for preconfigured DAVDroid for MDM solutions

  • Hello folks and DAVDroid people,

    i have a tricky situation.

    I want to roll out DAVDroid over an MDM solution ( APP Tech 360 ).

    So the problem is, is there a way to roll out the configuration with it?

    At least i need to roll out Base-URL, username and password … other bits and pieces will be great but not so important.

    If the possibility is there please point me out how and if not feel free to contact me for an discussion Bitfire.

    Thank you all

  • developer


    We’re already planning this (we have even mentioned it on our last talk on Nextcloud Conf 2017 a few days ago :)). However, it has not been implemented yet. There are also additional difficulties set up by Google, for instance that bulk purchase is only allowed for apps from US/Canada (all other apps have to be free to be available for Managed Play).

  • Sounds good.

    Maybe the APP can be free but you pay for an account to download it from a server? 😉
    Or via donations or a activation code?

    When will the implementation come?

    Is there a alpha or beta in which i can participate?

  • developer

    @p-weber Yes, we’re planning a license model.

    It will take some time, because it is a lot of work.

  • admin

    @p-weber Hi again! We’ve been hard at work to bring this to life, but now it is 🙂 Please have a look at “Managed DAVdroid” on our website. The “Organizations” section on the website is totally aimed at this.

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