• Hey guys,
    running DAVDroid on an Nougat phone configured to sync to a synology build in CALdav server. fine so far. sync works between DAVdroid running devices. However when an eMClient 7.1 on W10 trys to download an item from the server that was created by DAVdroid, it fails. eMClient can create items that DAVdroid downloads. eMClient can download items created by another eMClient.
    So its just the the DAVdroid items that fail to be downloaded by eMClient. Talking to the eMClient support they tell that DAVdroid writes invalid properties into the calender item. The eMClient then reports:“invalid URI …”
    The invalid properties are:

    looking into one of the files on the server that are davDroid created i saw a number of strange properties, a lot of RDATE: for instance., with a number behind. The strage bit, is it is listed a number of times rather than once.
    similar with various other ones.

    Can someone shed some light into this and possibly fix any bugs leading to this?
    Thank you

  • developer


    Currently, we don’t know about any open problems of VEVENTs created by DAVdroid.

    If there is a specific problem, please post it here and include the whole VEVENT and what’s wrong with it.

    Maybe it’s the ORGANIZER URI. Android uses the DAVdroid account name as ORGANIZER, so DAVdroid recommends to use your real email address as account name when using group-scheduled events. Please try creating those events with a correct email address as DAVdroid account name.

  • Thanks mate, your hint led me to the solution.
    I had to remove the %20 out of the ORGANIZER property. i.e. i changed the Account Name on DAVdroid from “Idefix Kalender” to “IdefixKalender”
    I works

    Obviously eMClient does not like the %20 as that is invalid for mail addresses.


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