DAVdroid does not provide calendars/address books from Horde (hetzner.de)



my mail/web hoster (Hetzner.de) provides Horde 5.2.16 as groupware. The server uses "pretty" URLs, i.e. the URL is https://webmail.your-server.de/rpc/ (instead of …rpc.php).

DAVdroid seems to connect sucessfully to the server, since it detects my calendars as well as the address books. However, the DAVdroid account does not show up in the contacts app, nor in the calendar app, nor in the OpenTasks app.

I do not get any error message when syncing manually. Diagnosis information:

Is this an actual issue or do I miss something really basic here!? Any advice is appreciated!


Did you select the collections you want to synchronize in the DAVdroid account? If you tap on a calendar/address book in DAVdroid it will be selected and a checkmark appears.

Temporal relations are not necessarily causal relations.


Wow, did not think it would be that basic. Thank you, that did the trick.

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