Move from F-Droid to Play store install

  • Hi,

    The app I have currently installed on my phone came from F-Droid (manual APK download) to allow me to take it for a spin first. Now that I’d like to stick to the app I prefer to switch to the Play store version to properly support the app and for ease of use.

    What would be the recommended transition path? Can I somehow export and import the settings?

  • developer

    Thanks for supporting DAVdroid 🙂

    Unfortunately, you have to uninstall DAVdroid and then install it again because the signatures are different (F-Droid has its own signature).

    Just create the account(s) again after installing DAVdroid. There’s no method to export/import settings, but there are not that many settings so it shouldn’t take much time 🙂

  • @rfc2822 Thank you for your reply and sorry for the delay, I never received a notification that a response was posted.

    Granted, there aren’t that many settings but, due to shortcomings already mentioned before, there is currently no way to retrieve all existing settings because you can no longer determine the URL of the individual accounts once a server is added.

    Since the URL can be quite tricky with some of the servers, it would really help if we can at least determine the URL of existing accounts again.

  • developer

    @forage You can see all URLs in the DAVdroid debug info (app settings / Debug info).

  • @rfc2822 said in Move from F-Droid to Play store install:

    @forage You can see all URLs in the DAVdroid debug info (app settings / Debug info).

    Lovely, thank you!

    I do hope you’ll consider actually adding/displaying the URL in the UI, despite this work-around, though 😉

  • developer

    @forage I guess this would be very un-Material (because users don’t have to be interested in collection URLs, and I guess most users are really not interested in those technical details), and also problematic to display (URLs are very long and space is limited).

    If you know a good solution (which hides unnecessary information for most users), please let us know the details.

    By the way, the server URLs should be documented somewhere for reference.

  • I don’t see how allowing users to at least review the settings they have made could be considered un-Material. Yes, a URL might be technical, but they had to supply it in the past in order to sync to that URL to begin with 😉
    If anything it would be un-Material to not allow a user to see the info they provided in the past again.
    Now you’d have to maintain a separate list outside of the app of which account name is connected to which server.

    Within the current layout I’d say at the top of the settings of the account would be the most suitable location. It could be nothing more than static text if you don’t want to provide a way to change it. There’s a risk you’d need to cut the URL and continue displaying it on a second line, but the settings screen is not something you stare at often nor for a long time. It maybe being a bit less pretty but I’d say actually having the info is more important than that.

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