DAVdroid creates 2 sync adapters for addressbook

  • Please note that I am not reporting a bug, but asking out of curiosity.

    I’ve setup DAVdroid to sync with my nextcloud server. I created one account and under this account there is a CardDAV (I’ve checked one addressbook) and a CalDAV service (I’ve checked two calendars).

    What I do not understand is why there are 2 sync adapters for my addressbook.


    • Accounts
      • DAVdroid
        • Address books
        • Calendar
      • DAVdroid Address book
        • Contacts

    So, there is Address books and Contacts. What’s up with that?

  • admin

    Basically this was needed to be able to have multiple address books per account (Android does only allow one per account, so we needed to go like this to bring this feature to the users). Think about it like “Address books” being a container for all “Contacts”.

  • @devvv4ever Thank you. That makes sense.

  • @devvv4ever hmm, how do I close this ticket / topic?

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