DAVdroid 1.7 Release Notes

  • developer

    Version 1.7

    • support per-event colors for events (RFC 7986 COLOR)
    • WiFi SSID restriction: allow multiple SSIDs
    • minor improvements and bug fixes

    ❗ If your calendar app crashes when setting event colors, it's a bug of your calendar app!
    Setting event colors has successfully been tested with DigiCal / DigiCal+, Business Calendar 2 and aCalendar. See FAQ: Calendar app crashes when setting an event color for more info. Showing calendar colors should work in most calendar apps.

    0_1503143919875_davdroid17_1.png 1_1503143919876_davdroid17_2.png 2_1503143919876_davdroid17_3.png

  • developer

    Version 1.7.1

    • minor bug fixes and optimizations

  • developer

    Version 1.7.2

    • make event color support optional (opt-in) for compatibility with major calendar apps which crash when event colors are used
    • optimize logging
    • upgrade support library
    • minor optimizations and bug fixes

    To synchronize per-event colors, enable the option in DAVdroid account settings before synchronizing a calendar. To make it working for already synchronized events:

    1. uncheck the calendar in the DAVdroid account
    2. enable per-color events in DAVdroid account settings
    3. check the calendar in the DAVdroid account
    4. force-sync

  • developer

    Version 1.7.3


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