Enhance preview window with release notes

  • In order for beta users to be able to test preview releases more purposefully, it would be great to know on what to have a look at. Release notes on what specifically changed compared to the last stable version could enable beta users to specifically have a look at these features and test them more thoroughly.

    This could lead to better feedback rates for the development and everyone profits from a more stable app.


    • Either include the differences to the last stable version on the preview dialog

    • Or, add a direct link to such release notes to this page.

  • developer

    Thanks for your suggestion. Beta versions are currently only distributed over Google Play, and at the moment, we only use Google Play’s method to describe changes (should be in Play Store at “What’s new”). Maybe there’s a link directly to this part of the Google Play page/activity, so that we could make a “See changes” button that opens this section? But I don’t think so 😕

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