• I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I installed the driver, ran all the correct codes and got the confirmation which states “GFXtablet driver (protocol 1) is listening on XXXXX (udp), Hint: Make sure this port is not blocked by your firewall” and I kept that terminal open. I installed the app directly from google play store and then I typed in my IP address. It didn’t pop up with an error code or anything. I then opened gimp and set my input to “network tablet”. It all seems like it was done correctly but the computer doesn’t even seem to detect my tablet, as when I draw on it it does nothing. Everything is default unless I specified otherwise. Any/all help would be appreciated.

  • admin

    It seems you didn’t run the networktablet executable in a linux terminal. You need to start this and leave the terminal open. Only then you’ll get a connection between tablet and you operating system.

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