Sharing calendar with my wife

  • Hi everyone,

    First of all thanks a lot for DAVdroid, that’s really an excellent app ! Everything works like a charm with my NextCloud serveur.

    I’m searching for the right solution to have calendars sync in a couple (my wife and me). For the moment, I just created a simple calendar and configurated it on both phones. But when I add/modify an event, my wife don’t get a notification, and of course if she add/modify an event I also don’t get a notification.

    So I’m wondering if I can find some kind of different architecture which can be perfect for us. Maybe each of us could have a own calendar, but the other can see it (modify it?) and, most important, can have notification when there is something new on the other calendar.

    I hope I was understandable enough! Thx anyway ^^

  • developer


    I’m happy that DAVdroid is useful for you. We (developers) use a shared calendar the same way.

    Regarding notifications for new events: in my opinion, this could be solved

    • on client side – in this case, an extra app could observe the calendar storage content provider for new events and bring up a notification on new/updated events
    • on server side – the server could send an email, an XMPP message etc. when an event is created/updated/deleted (maybe a plugin?)

    However, I don’t know any implementations at the moment. I’d not put it into DAVdroid itself to keep it as simple as possible. Such a feature could be implemented as a separate app, or in the calendar app. Maybe you can request the feature from some of the advanced calendar apps?

  • Thanks for the reply ! It looks like there is no perfect solution for the moment…

    I just asked this problem on a Nextcloud calendar-app specific IRC channel and some expert told me that there is no serveur side special implementation right now. However, there is a rss feed with all the new/changed events, so I think I will add a rss reader app which will notify me on each new event…

    Here is our discussion :

    [00:29] <@georgehrke> There is no way to receive notifications for new events / changes at the moment. No matter who owns the calendar.
    [00:30] <@georgehrke> You might set up reminders, but I don't think that's what you want
    [00:30] <Charpy> ok
    [00:30] <Charpy> yep it isn't
    [00:30] <@georgehrke> You just have to check the activity feed regularly
    [00:30] <@georgehrke> Or you sent a feature request to the activity app to automatically receive notifications when certain activities occur
    [00:31] <Charpy> i guess so ^^
    [00:31] <Charpy> Is there a rss feed for the activity log?
    [00:33] <@georgehrke> Yes, you can activate it in the lower left corner of the activity app :)
    [00:33] <Charpy> oooh cool
    [00:33] <Charpy> didn't see the button^^
    [00:34] <Charpy> weel I'll manage something ;)
    [00:34] <Charpy> thx !
    [00:34] <@georgehrke> you are welcome :)

    Thanks to georgehrke for sharing his knowledge on this app.

  • You can do an automatic refresh every 15 minutes, or you can do a refresh by hand. After a refresh everything is “up to date” if there is an internet connection. Or do I miss something?

    I guess in the future push notifications will be possible, like “imap idle”. I have heard it is already possible with Apple’s calendarserver and with Z-push. I don’t know about an official implementation in carddav.

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