• Hi there,

    I am using DAVdroid (Version 1.6.2) with nextcloud on an old CyanogenMod 9, Android Version 4.0.4.
    DAVdroid is installed via the google play store.

    Since a few days I get an error message (Licence check failed) . Upgrading or reinstalling the app is not possible, since support for android < 4.1 was removed in version DAVdroid 1.6.3.
    Is this related? Is the licence check with version 1.6.2 no longer supported since the current release does not support my android version?

    Any ideas how to solve this?

  • developer

    We will have a look at that. In the meanwhile, please use the F-droid version.

  • developer

    License check was for testing only and will be removed in the next version.

  • Thank you! I assume you won’t go back to support android < 4.1 in the next release?

  • developer

    @smu1 No, Android 4.0 won’t be supported any longer. Android 4.1 was released 5 years ago and there should be a custom ROM for almost every device which doesn’t already have it. Did you have a look for your device?

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