Debugging Davdroid issues (again) Android 7 Nextcloud 12

  • So my Sdcard failed and barfed my backups so I reset the rom (Superman 2.5) and decided to start all over again. I’ve hit the same issues I had with Davdroid and nextcloud I have before only this time rebooting no longer seems to help.

    So I am determined to nail what is actually going on here.

    So here are the logs first from the server

    And here are the logcat logs

    Now, ostensibly it fails on a HTTP 401 Error, which is an authentication error?

    Trouble is other davclients can connect fine using the same credentials.

    So you can see in the server logs that at the same time I am trying to get Davdroid to connect I am able to, with the same credentials, login using cadaver , a Linux command line dav client. As well as other desktop dav clients both for me (androiduser) and other users.

    So what is going on?

    Incidentally also seems this affects all nextcloud apps including their own client. Only it does not give 401 it just times out saying server takes too long to respond.
    So this must be an issue with my phone so how do I go about debugging this and nailing this problem once and for all.

    What is weird is same rom, same phone before I rebooted and it was all fixed. Weird, very weird.


    Nextcloud v 12.0

    Rom: Superman 2.5.0

    Phone Samsung S7 SM-G930FD
    Android 7.0

    Kernel Version: 3.18.50

    Davdroid 1.6.2 (ose & gplay version)

    EDIT: I also managed to nab the in app log once too. Usually it is just sitting there and never times out but this one time it came back saying no dav services could be found.


  • Ok utter weirdness. Turns out when I pasted the password from certain apps it gets invisibly changed somehow. You can look at it and it will look identical but if you try and use it it will barf. Typing in each character one by one brought it back to life or pasting from a text editor would do the same thing. Maybe there is some hidden UTF8 weirdness going on here?

    Does Davdroid qualify it’s password input? Or does it only expect ACSII strings?

    Bottom line is Davdroid works as intended and I am still happy to have contributed to it’s development.

    It is the best dav client I have ever used on Android and works flawlessless.


  • developer

    Good to hear that it now works for you. I guess there’s some extra character in the source you copy the password from.

    Does Davdroid qualify it’s password input? Or does it only expect ACSII strings?

    No. Passwords are encoded in UTF-8, but some servers expect ISO-8859-1:

  • @rfc2822

    Yeah I get where you are coming from. Personally I think we should all move to UTF8 as the ISO standard was written with a very much Western centric world in mind. Never mind that China alone has a billion users all not using the ISO standard.

    Still I am very much curious why it is only some apps that seem to corrupt the text. I swear you can look at it by un-hiding the password and it looks identical.

    Weird. But glad it was not something more serious with the software on my phone. I’ve upgraded the kernel now anyway so that is a good thing.

    Thank once again for a really great program. I tried many other dav clients but this one by far seems the most reliable. So… Thanks for that.


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