Unable to sync CardDAV after update

  • I don’t know exactly how long this has been broken since CalDAV sync works ok.
    When invoking sync manually with CardDAV source (via radicale server) enabled it stops displaying a message box: ‘“DAVdroid” was terminated.’ This looks like an Android error box.
    Debug info (removed domain name info; I can provide a test account if needed via mail):

    I don’t know why there’s a carddav account with calendar.ics in the debug info; the address I entered ends with /er/.
    I created a debug log as well; this contains a relevant part of my address book’s content, so I don’t want to post it here.

    I tried removing and reinstalling the app several times, even deleting the address book store on the phone. On a new sync afterwards a few address book entries were created, the sync stopped, and after trying a resync it again stops with the error dialog box described above.

    In the meantime I’m using another sync adapter for my address book (CardDAV Sync) which works flawlessly, as did DAVdroid until a short time ago (presumably until a version update took place).

    Is there anything else I can check or provide to resolve this issue?

  • developer

    Please send the debug log to play@bitfire.at

  • Works again after upgrade to 1.6.3 👍

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