2-way sync with local .ICS file for cloud-less PIM

  • Hello!

    I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to set up a local, cable-based sync solution. All I want is for my calendar to be stored in an .ics file.

    I just want my pocket device to work just like my Palm Pilot did. Calendar/Contacts/Notes sync to my desktop computer, sweet and simple.

    I’ve got the file sync set up using this helpful guide. It relies on the debugging mode.

    Now I’m just searching for a free, GPL sync client to have Android use a local iCal file as it’s calendar. Amazing how hard it is to find something to fit the bill. This app is the closest thing I can find.

    I’ve also found stand-alone calendar apps, and local-only sync clients, but none which will update an iCal file on my card without awkward manual intervention.

    Can your program be easily updated to do what I want?

    Thank you for your contribution to the free-software ecosystem! If I have to, I may just end up trying to patch this program myself if it’s not too hard.

  • admin

    If you’re looking for a real sync solution you may try our app DAVdroid. You need to set up a CalDAV server first. Then you will be able to synchronize your calendars in two way. DAVdroid is open source and it published under GPL and we also sell it in the Google Play store, because it was and is very hard work to write and maintain it.

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