Google Play license verification check error

  • Hi,

    since updating from version 1.5.2-gplay my sync stopped working and I get a notification saying the Google Play license verification has failed.

    I am currently running lineageOS without google play and I’ve bought the application from the Play Store (on my other phone that I use exclusively to download apps and updates from the store with my google account).

    If I roll back to version 1.5.2 everything works again, did anything change since version 1.5.2? Any help would be really appreciated.

    Thank you

  • developer

    For devices without Google Play, please use the DAVdroid OSE version from F-Droid. The Google Play version checks its license.

  • developer

    License check was for testing purposes only and will be removed in the next version. In the meanwhile, please use the F-Droid version (or compile DAVdroid from the sources).

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