No notification about failed sync?

  • Hi,
    my DynDNS service was broken some days and I did not see it. My smartphone running with CardDav and CalDav notified me several times but my tablet with Davdroid did not. Is this a bug? I think the app should inform the user on failed syncronisations.


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    I/O errors are temporary in most cases (in opposite to, for instance, HTTP errors like 403 or 404). This is why they are considered as soft errors. If a sync fails too often, it will be marked as “sync problems” in the Android account settings by the Android content resolver, but you’re right, there’s no notification, which would be useful in some cases. The reason is that it’s hard to decide when errors should be shown – in some use cases, this would mean too many error messages, in other cases, there are too little. Also, we would have to keep a history of the last syncs and its errors, and then decide whether an I/O error is considered a hard error.

    But of course, ideas and patches are welcome 🙂

  • That sounds legit. I am testin Davdroid right now to see if it performs better than the other mentioned apps.
    But how is this notification problem solved by others? The mentioned apps did never report errors, if they were not severe.
    To point it out a little bit more: I used my smartphone with CalDav and CardDav after some days it was switched off and it recognized and reported the sync error the same day. My tablet with Davdroid worked each of this days and just silently did not sync. That is a quite heavy disadvantage.

    Maybe you could add a counter that counts the failed sync attemps in a row, resetting each time a sync was successful and add an option to the settings to set the amount of unsuccessful syncs in a row after it should notify. Of course an attemp does not count as a fail when no network is available.
    So the user would see relatively quick if there is an error with his server.

  • Doing a manual triggered SYNC, then I think it would be of interest to show all problems that occurs.

    This varies; If i go into Settings -> Accounts ->
    There I have 2 choices (of interest)
    DAVDroid Addressbook(xxxx)

    I think DAVDroid “Last Synced” that gets shown on my phone is showing the “Last attempted sync”… which could be missleading.
    (But If i go account->DAVDroid Addressbook (xxx) then it show correct “Last synced”)
    IE My DAVDroid “Last synced” time is updating even if the sync fails.

    Android 7.1.1
    DAVDroid 1.6.3-ose

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    @sagonar said in No notification about failed sync?:

    IE My DAVDroid “Last synced” time is updating even if the sync fails.

    The “Last synced” is set by Android when the DAVdroid sync process (which is called by Android) is finished, regardless of whether it returned success or failure. Maybe you can look if there’s a discussion in the Android feature requests somewhere, or report it there.

  • Thanks for response @rfc2822, But now I feel lika a sad panda…

    I feel that the settings for “Last synced” should match the text, which I cannot say it does when the sync fails.
    Will try to see If I can input a bug about this (But I do not expect anything to change…)

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