Davdroid 1.5.2-ose fails to work after upgrade to Android 7.0.



So I have been using Davdroid for a while now and it has been working seamlessly with Nextcloud. Yesterday I upgraded my phone rom Android 7.0 and restored Davdroid from a Titanium backup I made before the upgrade.

The first bit of strangeness was that the account data was not restored. Hmm. ok no big deal I just re-add my account and let it sync with the server again. Only it did not work out that way. I put in the credentials and I press login and it just sits there.


On the server nothing has changed and you can see from the logs it connected before and 4 hours later would not connect (after my rom upgrade)

For the record.

Nextcloud v 12.0
Android v7.0
DAVDroid v1.5.2ose

I have to end up killing DAVdroid because it never times out.





Can you provide adb logs? Just run adb logcat. Sounds like a connectivity problem – every request will time out but there are a lot of requests involved in the detection process, so this can take very long.

Temporal relations are not necessarily causal relations.



Actually it seems to correct itself after a reboot? Hmmm. Odd.

Thanks anyway.

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