Need to restore calendar events from backup

  • My calendar events in VistaPrint webmail systematically disappeared. I can not get a resolution from them. Would DavDroid have a backup from Thursday 6/8 that I could restore to then sync everything from that? HELP! Please!!

  • admin

    There is no automatic backup in DAVdroid. You need to make backups on the server side on a regular basis if you protect yourself from data loss…

  • Thanks, I learned today that Vistaprint does not do any backup on calendar events. Basically, my events are now gone. I am dumbfounded that a company as big as Vistaprint would not be performing backups for its client.

  • admin

    I’m sorry to hear that… DAVdroid is (only) a sync adapter - it does not handle or make any backups, because it’s not the scope of a sync app…

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