calendar synchronization failed (with birthdate 1905)

  • I used DavDroid for months without problems but now the calendar synchronization keeps failing. I suspect that the reason might be a too old birthdate (year 1905). The birthdate is not true and I changed it to year 2000 but the synchronization error still keeps showing after every synchronization attempt. See the debug log: 0_1496398930267_debug.txt

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    My environment:
    ownCloud 9.1 (previous ownCloud 9.0 had the same error)
    DavDroid 1.5.2-ose

  • developer

    As far as I know, the birthday calendar is read-only. Are you sure that OwnCloud allows editing birthdays this way? I guess you should edit the contact instead.

    Also, the server reported a 404 on a PUT, so this seems to be a server problem (assuming that /remote.php/dav/calendars/jan/contact_birthdays/ is a valid collection).

  • Yes, the birthday calendar is read-only and I did edit the contact's birthday (that is what I meant actually). I verified through the web client that the new birthday has made it to the server. What can I do to stop the error from appearing again?

  • developer

    @janx DAVdroid can recognize read-only calendars, and the NC/OC birthday calendar is usually detected as read-only. It seems your server didn't report the birthday calendar as read-only, and I can't know why. If you disable the birthday calendar in DAVdroid, then sync, then enable it again and sync again, the specific upload error should be gone.

  • @rfc2822 Yes, this solved my issue. Thank you very much.

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