Networktablet works but no network tablet in device lists

  • I have GfxTablet installed, and I am running networktablet on my PC, and networktablet is responding to stylus input on the tablet.

    However, there is no ‘Network tablet’ appearing in any of my device lists, so I cannot useGfxTablet with GIMP etc.

    This is on current Fedora.

    Any ideas how to fix?

  • I’m having the same problem, using Debian Stretch, though.
    The output of networktablet prints the touch events from the tablet, but no device appears in GIMP.
    I have to run networktablet as root, so I also tried to run gimp as root as well, with no luck. Any hint on how to debug it further?


  • bump. same problem. if i find a solution i’ll post it here.

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