After subscribe to horde groupware by using DAVdroid, can not view the calendar itself

  • Hi,

    I have just purchase and download davdroid from google play.
    I can sign up the client with my groupware (Horde 5.2x) calendar and Card.
    On the inter
    But, after the sign up, I can see that my calendar and card on the horde groupware
    can be seen in DAVDroid UI.

    But, from there, I can not view the detail of each Calendar and Address book.

    I can not go from any of the UI to view the calendar detail.
    What goes wrong?

    Thank you,

    Alan, Lin

  • developer

    DAvdroid is not a calendar app, but a sync adapter. You can use the calendar app of your choice. All devices should have a calendar app pre-installed.

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