Nextcloud + external Calendar not showing



i am using the latest NextCloud Server to manage my contacts and calendars.
All works very well even with different nextcloud internal calendars.

Now i am trying to integrate an external calendar (GarminConnect) into my setup.
I have imported the URL via the Nextcloud Webinterface and it is shown. (The imported calendar is also shown in the app Calendars 5 on iOS).[0_1493047686274_davdroid-12625-20170424-171102-1.txt](Uploading 100%)
But if i scan for new calendars in DavDroid the GarminConnect calendar is missing and i dont know why.

Can you please tell me if this "setup" is supported or what is going wrong here?

Logfile can be found here:


Please see

Temporal relations are not necessarily causal relations.

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