re-enable sync after failure due to deletion of a entry of a read-only calendar

  • I am using multiple calendars from multiple users. My own calendar is writable only by myself. The others are read-only for me and mine read-only for the others.

    When I try to generate an appointment in the calendar of somebody else (where I only have read access), the sync fails and is aborted. This may happens by accident. I can then delete this entry locally again and the sync works again.

    When I delete a calendar entry of a calendar of somebody else that I have already synced locally before, the sync will fail afterwards and abort, too. In this case, I am wondering how I can fix this locally. How can I clear the local entries that are to be synced?
    I cannot regenerate the entry that I have deleted to allow the sync to work again.
    How can I make the sync work again without deleting the complete calendar locally?

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