Calendar duplicated events then disappears

  • I am trying to sync my data from a Nextcloud 11 instance ( First it worked fine for both contacts and calendars, but then weird glitches appeared for calendars, all my events were duplicated on the same calendar (only locally, server data is fine), then I tried syncing again and the main calendar simply disappeared from agenda apps.

    After that, I activated the DAVdroid logs and tried syncing again but nothing appears anymore.

    • the main calendar appears under the DAVdroid account;
    • the birthday calendar appears too;
    • only the birthday calendar appears under agenda apps;
    • I tried two different agenda apps so it’s not app related.

    My debug info:
    My logs when I try to sync:

    Thanks in advance.

  • admin


    thanks for the logs - it doesn’t show any specific problems, as far as I can see… Did you try to reinstall DAVdroid? When we tested Framagenda there were some problems, thats why we were not linking to it from our configuration page.

  • @devvv4ever
    Thanks for your answer.
    After a while I tried syncing again and the calendar is here again. Very strange!
    (Framagenda is using Nextcloud which is supposed to be compatible)
    I’ll try giving more logs if things get weird again…

  • I have duplicated entries as well, but only on one of the calendars and only with some of the events.

    The Events are not duplicated on the server, just locally on the phone. Server is Nextcloud 11. Everything else seems to be working fine.


  • has the same issue with dublicated calendar events.😥
    maybe i can give a more special hint to find the issue.
    i have different calendars and on all callendars it appares, that some events are shown 20 or 30 times only localy. the server nextcloud 11.0.3 has no isse with all the events.
    the only different between the multiple events are, that they are all series with manual changes from some
    create an event xx as a serie every week
    after synch all is ok on the handy
    now change only one of this serie and synch again -> now i have duplicated entry on the handy

    hopefuly it can get more light to this issue

  • @robi My duplicated events weren’t series. Thanks for your answer anyway.

  • @robi mh, for me it’s not the case that it’s limited to those. I have duplicated in series and duplicated single entries. I also have correctly displayed series entries and correctly displayed single entries.

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