Backup and restore configured profiles?

  • Folks;
    I’m on custom ROMs and used to regularly wiping and restoring my device. Using Titanium Backup this is mostly a breeze - except for DavDroid: I do have several different owncloud accounts, each one with Calendar and Addresses, and end up manually adding them again over and over again; Titanium Backup doesn’t seem to back up / restore these configurations well.
    Is there any way to backup and restore the profiles configured in DavDroid? If so, how to use it?
    TIA and all the best,

  • admin

    Unfortunately there is no way to backup profiles of DAVdroid. You need to configure it again.

  • @devvv4ever Ok, thanks anyway. Is this somewhere on your roadmap, be it by exporting/importing, by supporting Titanium Backup or by backing up through the Google mechanisms if around?

  • Fine idea. I hope we can find this option in a next version.

  • admin

    This feature is not directly on our roadmap, but “Managed DAVdroid” (which basically will be a special version of DAVdroid for Businesses and Organizations – we’re currently in the final planning phase for this) will have the ability to be configured via a file. If a file is present DAVdroid will auto-detect this on startup and configure itself. We need such a mechanism so that DAVdroid can be mass-deployed (organizations basically need to be able to install apps on hundreds and thousands of devices without setting each one up separately). So maybe – at least to a certain extent – this feature will also come to the single-user license 🙂 I’ll keep you up-to-date!

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