• I am trying to use the select and “share” feature in contacts on my stock Samsung S5 via the share icon.

    Contacts that exist in the main book share fine using the different methods (BT, wifi direct, es save to, email, …).

    Contacts that are created by Davdroid refuse to generate a vcf to share. In K9 email it simply opens without any attachment, for some other methods it flashes a message about not generating the data.

    Please advise.

    I am using Davdroid, android 5.5.1 as my sender. I have tries multiple recipient devices including a samsung core, S7, and Huawei GR5. They all work as expected when the contact to send is in the device phonebook.

  • developer

    Sounds like a problem of the branded Contacts app. Unfortunately, many Contacts apps assume that there can be only local and Google contacts 😕

    If you really need this, you could try another Contacts app or a custom ROM like Linage.

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