Owncloud Calendar/DAVDroid synchronisation fails

  • Hi,

    I’m experiencing a issue with DAVDroid: I have an owncloud calendar which is already synchronized with my laptop calendar client and works well.

    I want to have this calendar on my smartphone too, so I’ve installed DAVDroid to synchronise with stock Android 7’s calendar.

    I have two calendar in owncloud: a birthday calendar automatically updated from my contacts, and a personal calendar which I manage myself.
    This is only my personal calendar which not working with DAVDroid.
    Here is the debug output: https://pastebin.com/raw/mncPAGgF

    Any ideas to help me ?


  • developer

    Which calendar app do you use?

  • Hi @rfc2822 ,

    I’m using Etar from F-Droid, but I’ve also tested with Standalone Calendar with the same message.
    I think the problem is not the frontend application but between davdroid and com.android.calendar

  • developer

    @zato The problem occurs in this line:

    weAreOrganizer = values.getAsInteger(Events.IS_ORGANIZER) != 0;

    It seems that IS_ORGANIZER is null in your case, which I haven’t seen before and doesn’t make much sense. I wonder how it can be null and what this value should mean. Therefore I have asked for the calendar app, which has probably set the null value.

    In the calendar provider table definition (latest 7.1 version), IS_ORGANIZER can indeed be null:

                    CalendarContract.Events.IS_ORGANIZER + " INTEGER," +

    Do you think IS_ORGANIZER = null has the same meaning as IS_ORGANIZER = 0?

  • @rfc2822 said in Owncloud Calendar/DAVDroid synchronisation fails:

    Do you think IS_ORGANIZER = null has the same meaning as IS_ORGANIZER = 0?

    Hum this question is for me ? because I have no idea of the answer, I’m not a developer 😕

    Since my last answer, I’ve noticed something: if I create a new empty calendar it can be synchronized with DAVDroid, and if I import my ics file (previously exported from my personal calendar), then the error occurs again.
    So maybe there an event in my calendar which can’t be processed ?

  • developer

    @zato Maybe the importing process sets this field to null. I’ll have a look at that and process null values as if they were 0, if it doesn’t cause other problems.

  • developer

    Should be fixed with davdroid/3132ffbd, which now allows null values for IS_ORGANIZER.

  • Change to Nextcloud 😉

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