All contacts lost after update

  • Hello,
    I recently updated to version of DAV DROID. Since the update all contacts are lost. I didn’t sync my phone with the server for a long time. So I can’t download them. All my appointments are available and if I start the app everything looks ok

    Is there any possibility to restore my contacts?

  • developer

    Did you set your Contacts app to “Show all contacts”?

  • @rfc2822 Yes, I set it to “Show all contacts”.

  • This also happened to me, version It acts like its refreshing but the contact list is empty.

    Accounts now lists two entries, I dont think this was the case before:
    DAVdroid Address book

    Both show as recently-synced, but only the latter shows up as a choice in Contacts.

  • admin

    Did you try to reinstall DAVdroid? Do you have logs that have more information on this? Otherwise I’m not sure how we can reproduce this.

    Yes, both (DAVdroid and DAVdroid Address book) are needed since DAVdroid 1.5 - lots of people wanted multiple address books per DAVdroid account, and we’ve made it using a workaround since Android itself doesn’t know the possibility of having multiple address books in a single account.

  • Did an uninstall / install this morning, configured the account again. I’m using it with Radicale

    Contacts still not coming in, here are some relevant log entries

    2017-04-07 07:59:48 6 [syncadapter.ContactsSyncManager] Found remote VCard: 635db82e-783d-49cd-832a-ca125ca404fd.vcf
    2017-04-07 07:59:48 6 [syncadapter.ContactsSyncManager] Found remote VCard: 9717c282-681e-4a03-9b98-86caae418720.vcf
    2017-04-07 07:59:48 6 [syncadapter.ContactsSyncManager] Found remote VCard: 674ff5b9-bce8-47e4-9b54-c4d19b32eddb.vcf
    2017-04-07 07:59:48 6 [syncadapter.ContactsSyncManager] Found remote VCard: 18748d06-e03b-4de0-b687-44178e89fcbc.vcf
    2017-04-07 07:59:48 6 [syncadapter.ContactsSyncManager] Found remote VCard: 73587ca5-0c3a-4539-9712-8005e4bfa8c6.vcf
    2017-04-07 07:59:48 6 [syncadapter.ContactsSyncManager] Found remote VCard: b0d2abb8-10f5-4839-93f0-d19ddd45eff0.vcf
    2017-04-07 07:59:48 6 [syncadapter.SyncManager] Comparing local/remote entries
    2017-04-07 07:59:48 6 [syncadapter.SyncManager] Downloading remote entries
    2017-04-07 07:59:48 6 [syncadapter.ContactsSyncManager] Downloading 0 contacts (10 at once)
    2017-04-07 07:59:48 6 [syncadapter.SyncManager] Post-processing
    2017-04-07 07:59:48 6 [syncadapter.ContactsSyncManager] Assigning memberships of downloaded contact groups
    2017-04-07 07:59:48 6 [syncadapter.SyncManager] Saving sync state
    2017-04-07 07:59:48 6 [syncadapter.SyncManager] Saving CTag="cce9ff553730c1bd7a370ed9b978fd68"
    2017-04-07 07:59:48 6 [syncadapter.ContactsSyncAdapterService$ContactsSyncAdapter] Contacts sync complete
    2017-04-07 07:59:48 6 [syncadapter.SyncAdapterService$SyncAdapter] Sync for complete

  • @mike.k
    Hi Mike, if I remember this correctly the transfer of vcard does not work (for specifc providers?), so you have to switch the setting. Unfortunately I believe that this is not possible by changing a setting. You have to delete the account and start again from scratch.
    I am not abolutely sure about that best is to have a look in the configuration thread!
    Best regards from Berlin, Martin

  • Have the same Problem.
    Nextcloud 11 --> nextcloud.log
    Davdroid -> f-droid

    All addresses disappeared from Phone. Removed the accounts and recreated it. Davdroid is not anymore able to detect address books on my nextcloud.
    Calendars works.

    Was not able to get the saved logfile position from Davdroid so no logfile to ad.

  • I have a new development. I noticed that if I turn on some other accounts, the DAVdroid account counter goes from 0 to whatever its supposed to be.

    Later today I’ll be trying to re-add the account to it and see if its any better.

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