Davdroid group does not appear in Contacts, whatever I do.

  • After a whole day trying to get this done, I give up.
    I have 2 devices here, both Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, one of them works, the other doesn’t.

    On the device that doesn’t, after appearing to sync fine, the Davdroid Group does not show up under Contacts. There’s just the fuckin’ google group I don’t wanna use.

    I tried: ( is not on F-Droid atm), and 1.4.1.
    Calendars sync just fine.
    It’ll find changed address books (name, for example) just fine.

    I made sure that all needed rights are there.

    The bad one has the F-Droid version, the other one the GPlay version, is that making a difference?
    Also the bad one does ask me the setup questions almost every time I open the app, as if it has problems persisting them…

    The good one uses MIUI Stable, while the bad one has 8.1.somthing, but I am in the process of upgrading it.

    Anything else that comes to mind that could supress the contact group showing up?

  • admin

    For groups you’ll make sure that your server and your device supports groups.

    Group support is device dependent! Some manufacturers don’t allow other groups than Google. They patched it in their proprietary Android system and disabled it. If you need group support you can however install Lineage OS - this is the real open source Android that still has contacts group support.

    Also make sure that you set the correct contact group method for your server when setting up DAVdroid (in the last step you can set the group method). You can find information for all servers on our configurations page on you website.

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