DAVdroid, around v1.5-ose, Posteo, addressbook does NOT sync, calendar DOES sync

  • Dear all,

    I’m experiencing issues with DAVdroid NOT syncing my Posteo addressbook recently.


    What I have tried so far:

    • open DAVdroid, delete my Posteo account, no account left (no addressbook or calendar within DAVdroid left any more)
    • open F-Droid, delete DAVdroid, no DAVdroid app on my device left
    • reboot mobile phone
    • open F-Droid, install DAVdroid again
    • open DAVdroid, make setup and configuration properly
    • calendar DOES sync
    • addressbook does NOT sync
    • it seems, that there isn’t any DAVdroid addressbook at all at my device’ site

    Any help very welcome and highly appreciated.

    If you need details about my mobile phone, please ask for it.
    If you need any logs I could provide you with, please ask for it.

    Thank you and best wishes,


  • developer

    Is there any privacy guard or similar things active?

  • Same thing here with 1.5
    1.4.1 working perfectly

    With 1.5:
    Calendar sync
    Adress book does not
    In contacts app, there isn’t even a davdroid entry in the account selection i want to show in the app (all, sim, phone, google, and no davdroid)

    Rom: emui 5 (android 7) (honor 8 ), rooted
    Tested firewall on and off (afwall+)
    No privacy app (no xposed on android 7 yet…)
    Autorisations granted to davdroid to write calendar and contacts
    Caldav server: davical

    Something to do with the new multi adressbook feature?
    Thank you for this super app!

  • I Have exactly the same problem. Syncing Address book and Calendar was OK with 1.4.1, but after update to 1.5, the address book is not syncing.
    It looks like android doesn’t recognize the account for contacts, i tried with android 6 and android 7

  • Well, here’s my answer:

    • as mentioned before, it WORKED with DAVdroid prior to v1.5-ose (about v1.4.x, cannot remember exact version number any more)
    • I and my family have several devices in use: some with stock Android (the device as bought in the store and then updated OTA), some with custom Android (LineageOS)
    • but here with us, they are all WITHOUT SuperUser and such (unlocked bootloader for device with LineageOS: yes, but Root/SuperUser: on NO device)
    • NO special privacy apps (i.e. privacy apps that could affect DAVdroid)

    I can add:

    • before my trials as mentioned above, there have been several DAVdroid accounts on my device (with calendar sync: yes, addressbook sync: no)
    • after, I have just one account as in former times I can remember (with calendar sync: yes, addressbook sync: no)
  • developer

  • Dear all,
    especially saying hello to DAVdroid developers,
    I got DAVdroid v1.5.0.2-ose by F-Droid today. It seems to work (again), i.e. it does the sync job for both calendar AND addressbook.
    Thank you, dear developers! 🙂

  • Thank you very much it works again with the new version !

  • Sorry but I cannot confirm that it is working again!
    After having updated via F-Droid some days ago, I mentioned that Addressbook does not sync any more. After that I updated (I do not know if this was already DAVdroid v1.5.0.2-ose) and deleted my account on Android. Effect: All addressbook entries are gone! Then I tried to reinstall account but was unable to configure addressbook. Effect is that calender can be integrated but not the adressbook.

    For me this is urgent! All my address book entries are gone and this is my professional smartphone with all my customer addresses integrated. I wonder if I should downgrade to a working version of the tool.

    Regards, Martin

  • admin

    @Heinrich20 Please read our updated configuration page for posteo. They changed threir server and you need 2 accounts now.

  • @devvv4ever Thanks for fast answer! Anyway I cannot find what you mentioned. The configuration page that I found does not show any hint to what solves the problem:

    Is there another Howto available?
    Regards, Martin

  • @Heinrich20

    Mmh… I wonder that you have been experiencing problems just recently.

    When DAVdroid was updated from v1.4.x-ose (F-Droid) to v1.5-ose (F-Droid) I then had the specific problems with Posteo as explained above. But since the update from v.15-ose (F-Droid) to v1.5.0.2-ose (F-Droid) I am fine with Posteo without the need for special actions.

    I just have found

    So I cannot follow what @Heinrich20 and @devvv4ever have mentioned each. Somehow confusing…

    For my part: T H A N K Y O U dear developers!

  • @gunnersson
    Sorry but I disagree: What is described and what the tool tells me when configuring on the one hand is confusing. As well what Posteo described on their side in the help section is not compeltely clear. This can be optimized to prevent problems and many postings around here:

    • Posteo does not provide clear and easy to find information on what the base url is for addressbook and for calendar.

    • CardDav split the information on this a little bit. This drives confusion as well.

    • CardDav Android App does not show what base url was used. Now it seems to work but I cannot even say what the correct configuration is. Next time: “Same procedure as every year!” 😉

    • Card DAV Android App provides irritating warning. If user follows this it is not possible to create two accounts, one for calender, the other one for addressbook

    This is what I have now:

    1. I created two accounts as this is described now. When creating the second account I wonder what to to because of what is highlighted yellow.
      a. what does this mean,
      b. what shall I do in this situation?
      Screen in configuration where to decide about name
      ![alt text](image url) <---- sorry but this did not work in this editor
      So I tested to change the name of the account what in fact is a deviation

    2. After creation I have two accounts with two names:
      They both have calender integrated. That’s funny!

    thanks to the developpers for their work! 🙂 Nevertheless this is not clear and as you can see it may lead to problems!

    Regards, Martin

  • Re: [DAVdroid](around v1.5-ose)

    This bug is marked solved but problem remains: double entries in calendar.

    Any more activities?

    Thanks a lot!

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