Sync more than one address book

  • Please make it possible to sync two (or more) address books. I'd like to sync my private contacts as well as my business contacts.

  • admin

    We want a more stable version first before we're doing bigger enhancements. Be sure however that we will try to implement this in the not too far future. Please be patient 😉 We need to fix bugs first in order to ensure that the app works for most people out there.

  • Thanks, since I'm not able to sync any contacts with DAVdroid right now (see issue #25) I'm only glad if you prioritize the fixing of existing bugs 😉

  • developer

    Do you think it would make sense to use different CardDAV address books as "groups" in the (one and only) Android address book?

  • I don't know… I missed this feature when I migrated to DAVdroid coming from CardDAV-Sync by Marten Gajda. As far as I remember one would choose the address book (or group?) when creating a new contact in a similar way as you pick a calender when you create a new calender entry, but I'm not sure.

  • developer

    I don't know CardDAV-Sync, but according to screenshots it seems to create a new account for every address book. In this case, you could select into which "account" = address book the contact goes, but this is not a solution for me because I want to let accounts be accounts, as intended by Android. So there would only be the Groups solution, but groups have their own difficulties.

  • Thanks for the infos. I think you are right, as far as I remember CardDAV-Sync I had to add the same account two times to sync my two address books.

  • @stefannagy A bit off-topic, but why did you switch from CardDAV-Sync when DAVdroid doesn't support the feature you want? Is there anything DAVdroid does better at this point, aside from being FOSS?

  • @Natanji I switched because DAVdroid is Free Software. Aside from this one missing feature (which isn't really important to me) DAVdroid works without any problems for me.

  • developer

    We have decided that DAVdroid will take up the Android design of one address book per account, thus also allowing to sync only one addressbook per account. If you need more address books, please create several accounts.


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