Select a list by default after adding a server

  • When adding a server, non of it’s lists (card nor cal) are selected by default.
    The same thing happens when you go to the server configuration. The lists get loaded but non are selected by default.

    If you don’t know you have to select a list first before things start syncing, you can spend a lot of time tracking down the issue. I recently spend a lot of time doing the same. It could have been app or server related.

    I think it would be good to select a list by default. This could be approached in two ways:

    1. When adding a server, automagically load it’s card and cal lists in the background and configure the account to select the first item in the two lists.
    2. After adding a server, present the actual server list configuration screen afterwards (at the moment the user is left in the add server screen instead). After this, automagically load it’s card and cal lists and configure the account to select the first item in the two lists.

    The first option requires more work in the current code and introduces possible unexpected behavior since the user isn’t shown which lists will be used. The second option requires the user to configure the added server fully before adding a second server but at least each server is fully configured from the start. This is also less work in the current code, as well as the user knows which lists are being used.

    What do you think?

  • Not interested?

  • admin

    Thanks for the suggestion! This could of course be improved, but since we’re having not too much time we’re mostly concentrating on basic server support and stability. At least we now have this in mind and maybe it’s getting improved if @rfc2822 has some time to spare on GUI improvements 🙂

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