Server-side renamed contacts do not get updated

  • Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create a contact
    2. Sync to phone
    3. Edit the contacts name on the server or another client
    4. Sync DAVdroid again
    5. Open contacts app, notice that the contact still has the original name

    When I go to edit the contact on the phone, the updated name is correctly displayed. But even if the save button is pressed with the new name displayed on the edit screen, the original name is still shown in the list afterwards.

    Expected behaviour: After editing contact server-side and syncing, the contact name is updated in the contact list.

  • developer

    Thanks for your report, but I can’t reproduce this issue here. Maybe this is an issue of your contacts editor?

    Please provide details:

    • which version of DAVdroid do you use
    • which CardDAV server
    • which other client
    • did you verify that the other client changes the Vcard on the server?
    • Are you provide logcat or at least HTTP server logs?
  • developer

    Closed because of inactivity

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