Addressbook sync and telefone app - favorite number is always reset to private number

  • I’m using an Blackberry Priv with Android 6.0.1 and sync my address book with
    Everything works fine, except if I mark an contact as favorite in the telefon app (gets marked with an star) and mark a number different than “privat” as standard, this information gets reset after every sync. I understand, that there is no field on the server to save this information,

    For testing I’ve just changed 1 contact on the phone.
    In the extended log I can see, that this contact is uploaded.
    But now the contact on the server (without this information) is different than local and gets downloaded during the next sync and the standard telefon number is overwritten locally.

    Is there any way to avoid this cycle?
    Thank you

  • developer

    Please ask because it seems that the server always sends back a modified VCard.

  • Ich habe beim angefragt, daraufhin wurde es OX gemeldet und als Bug bestätigt. Sobald ein Patch verfügbar ist, soll es getestet und eingespielt werden…

  • Sorry for the comment in German… Here the translation:
    I informed the about this issue and they filled a bug report to Open-Xchange. They confirmed it’s a bug and ones a patch is available, will test and roll-out.

  • Works for me now. Tested it for telephone number and email fields.

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