Calendars Randomly Disappear, Only to Reappear on a Manual Sync

  • I’m syncing to a Radicale server at home. I set it up no problem, and it syncs and works fine on the first pass. Then, I’ll go look at my Calendar application and all of my calendars are gone. They show up in DAVDroid, but they’re completely gone from Android… as if DAVDroid has no accounts setup on it. The calendars are still there on the server, and if I go in and manually sync it again, they do show back up in my Calendar app.

    Am I the only one with this issue? It is happening even with ICSSync. Anything that is not Hotmail or Gmail disappears from the list of available Calendars until I manually re-sync it. Then it shows up, but the next time, hours later, that I check it, they’re gone.

    I can include my logs, but I perused them and it does not appear to be that DAVDroid is not able to sync it… only that Android doesn’t see the calendars at a seemingly random interval. It seems like it may be that DavDroid can’t access the server and so it makes the calendar not appear. What it should do it use the local copy until it can reestablish the connection. Isn’t that how DAVDroid is supposed to work?

    Any ideas?


  • developer

    Maybe a privacy guard or permissions? I remember some similar problem where DAVdroid did not have permissions to access the calendar.

  • @rfc2822 I don’t have Privacy Guard installed, though I do use No Root Data Firewall. It’s setup to allow connections on DAVDroid though and this issue is present even when I have Data Firewall turned off. I checked the app permissions and it’s set to allow access to Calendar, Contacts, read tasks, write tasks.

  • developer

    @davidthegreat Which device and firmware do you have? I can only say that this is most probably not a DAVdroid problem, but some proprietary firmware “feature” or something like that on your device. 😕

  • @rfc2822 I’m using a Moto G(4) Stock ROM but with lots of root & Xposed tweaks. I’m privacy-oriented so I have a lot of things in place to prevent Google from seeing my every move. I figured it was probably not DAVDroid’s fault, I was just hoping someone knew of a reason this could happen.

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