Calendar information lost after a synchronization

  • Dear,

    I lost all my calendar information since I synchronized yesterday night.
    I explained you my last actions before loosing data:
    As the synchronization is working since 15Nov16 from my Kyocera mobile (Android) to my apple devices (my wife’s iphone, ipad) and the sync error message was that the user or password are incorrect, we changed the icloud password yesterday night. Then, I updated Davdroid with the new password and I launched the synchronization, and from that I lost all calendar data … (I have 0 entries in all my icould calendars (Personal, work, calendario, etc). Since this event, the synchronization doesn’t work anymore and I don’t find a way to retrieve all my calendars entries …
    It’s very annoying as I don’t have the calendar information since 15NOV16 in no devices (as in Apple devices I have the info until 15Nov16 - last successful sync, and no info in my Android device).
    Please help me to restore my calendar. I guess the information is hosted on ? When I try to login with my Icloud credentials, I’m not able to be connected, the info entered is erased and I need to re-enter credentials…

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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