syncing shared address book with nextcloud 11 fails

  • Short: Davdroid fails on syncing a shared address book with Nextcloud 11

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Nextcloud: User ‘Michael’ shares an address book ‘testbook’ with the user ‘testacc’ (editable)
    2. On Android, create a new Davdroid account for the user testacc
    3. Select ‘testbook’ as addressbook
    4. Sync.

    Outcome: Sync fails with 404 not found errors, see debug here:

    What I noticed is, that Davdroid is searching for a contact
    while In the Nextcloud interface, the link shown for this addressbook is

    the first difference is, that Davdroid is searching at carddav, instead of dav. This shouldn’t be a problem, because carddav is redirected to dav by the server. However, the /users/ shown in the nextcloud interface is missing in the path of Davdroid.

    Syncing testacc’s own addressbook works just fine. Any help is appreciated.

  • developer


    Please provide verbose logs so that we can see why 40550d2b-8400-495d-8265-0b540c37713a.vcf was requested.

    Is there any indication that this could be a DAVdroid problem? Looks like the server advertises /remote.php/carddav/addressbooks/testacc/testbook_shared_by_Michael/40550d2b-8400-495d-8265-0b540c37713a.vcf, but when DAVdroid requests it, it isn’t there.

  • Hello rfc2822,

    here is a verbose log:

    I think the log is consistent with your assumption. It seems like the server advertises a vcard that it can’t find later on. I’m not sure, however: There is a passage about a 404 (line 144) in the server’s response, where the vcard is advertised.

    Can you tell me how to go on from here? If it’s the server’s mistake, I should probably talk to the nextcloud community?

  • developer

    @sbctm According to the logs, the server advertises this file, but does not provide it (but sends 404 instead). The other 404 in multi-status do not matter.

    Please ask Nextcloud people, providing all the logs (or even this thread).

  • Thanks for your kind advice. I have opened an issue on the nextcloud github page:

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