Davdroid stuck on the configuration detection waiting box

  • Hello there,
    I just created my framagenda agenda. As recommended I bought the davdroid app for synchronization on my phone.

    I folow the tutorial given here :

    When I chose “Connection avec une url et une adresse email”, I type https://framagenda.org/remote.php/dav/

    I give my login informations in the boxes below and I valid with “se connecter”.

    Then I’m stuck on this message without any possibility to stop the process without forcing the app to quite.


    I checked everything many times No way I could have mistaken anything.
    I tried to do the same with fancy logs, turns out that it gives exacly the same response.

    What can I do?

    Thanks in advance


  • developer

    Did you try another connection type (WiFi/mobile)? Sounds like a networking problem, maybe a firewall? Can you access the Framagenda URL from your Android browser?

  • @rfc2822 I tried again with the wifi and it works! Thank you very much, this was driving me crazy 😛

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