Managing resources with spaces in their names

  • Hi,

    please consider adding this little PR to your repo. It implements encoding of path names containing spaces converting those to %20 (i.e. Default calendar -> Default%20calendar). Yes, I know, my code is orrible, but hey, it’s well after midnight 😉

    Tested on my S4 + OwnCloud 4, works like a charm.

  • developer

    Hello, thanks for your patch. Although it’s wise to be liberal in what you accept from others, URLs with spaces are still invalid. Which server do you use that sends spaces in the URL and what happens with the latest DAVdroid version when you use this server? I think at the moment, DAVdroid should just ignore such URLs. Or does it crash on your device?

  • Well, OwnCloud 4.x

    The default calendar there is called “Default calendar” (with a space between words) and DAVDroid crashes (latest GIT & Fdroid version as per 2 days ago)

    With the patch I was able to sync both CAL & CARD.

    Would you mind adding the patch anyhow? If the URL is spaceless, it will not hurt.

    I see some other glitches (force closes and so), but at the moment I’m not able to identify the cause and supply you a patch or directions, sorry.

    Bye, UP

  • developer

    I think this is related to #11 and should be fixed since db1f2666e8 (0.3.3-alpha). Which DAVdroid version do you use? Syncing with works here, even for a calendar with spaces in the name.

  • Latest DAVdroid here (0.3.5-alpha)

    I confirm that it was happening w/o my patch. I got an exception that was similar to “invalid URL” (cannot try now, I’m at work currently)

    Maybe I should update my OwnCloud (I’m using ownCloud 4.5.5)

  • developer

    Should be fixed with 0.3.8 by intelligent URL repairing, please test. And please don’t forget to contact your server manufacturer because spaces in URLs are invalid and must not occur.

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